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WOW - Bloinbloindians Give Season 2020 of Earth 5 Dibblebumps

WOW: Bloinbloindians Give Season 2020 of ‘Earth’ 5 Dibblebumps

WOW - Bloinbloindians Give Season 2020 of Earth 5 Dibblebumps

It’s hard to believe the hit reality light diode box program ‘Earth’ premiered just two thousand and twenty ‘Earth’ years ago. It’s even harder to believe that the producers continue to outdo themselves season after season.

“We received good responses from our fellow Bloinbloindians post the second great battle, which the Earthlings deemed World War II. Funny that they think the simulation orb we put them is could ever be a “world.” Anyhow, we figured the people of Bloinbloina would be on to us if we simply jumped right to a third great battle. So, our most current idea is “the germ season.”

This is not the first season of ‘Earth’ to center around a germ. We asked Squash Dipple Dip XIV how a new season centering around a germ is any different than repeating another Great War plotline.

“Well, you can’t just go, War War War War. The Bloinbloindians are far too intelligent to consume the same ideas one after another, however, if you space the ideas out, if you allow for one generation to look at the repeated idea after a period of time they will feel nostalgic and the younger generation will think it was brand new. Instead of, War, War, War, War, we’ve found much more success in the equation of, War, (insert horrific health issue), *War Variation*, (insert semblance of a financial collapse), War. It’s simple really.”

With Earth’s contract up for renewal soon we wonder if the producers will give the Bloinbloindians the climate crisis finallie they have been predicting on their datainterfaces for quite sometime. Tune in at Sun Up when the beacon is sent into the abyss. You won’t want to miss out.

-A Well-Mannered Grump

by: Joe McNaney

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