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Tiger King Only Reminded Us That Babies Are Cute And We Like Babies

‘Tiger King’ Only Reminded Us That Babies Are Cute And We Like Babies

What’s better than a cat? A kitten. What’s better than an adult? A baby. Why? Because they aren’t large or smart. Oh yeah, and they can’t say “no please don’t let one million grimy hands touch my cute little face for your profit.”

Tiger King Only Reminded Us That Babies Are Cute And We Like Babies
Joe Exotic and the cat he’s probably gonna kill soon in front of his arch-nemesis, PETA

Netflix’s documentary series Tiger King has been the absolute talk of the town. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re most certainly going to watch it. The cast of characters is spectacular. From Carol Baskin to Doc Antle to the self-proclaimed King himself, Joe Exotic.

While the series really should have dove much deeper into how big cat “rescue” efforts in America are, unfortunately, a massive part of the animal captivity and abuse problem. It instead spends its 7-episode series alluding to the fact that most every big cat owner kills their “beloved” big cats once they actually obtain their bigness. Oh yeah, and obviously providing us with a play-by-play on who’s sleeping with who (or in Don Antle’s case, like 9 different whos).

What’s the moral of the Tiger King story? We only like small things. Small furry things. Things that are babies. Babies that are cute. When things get big they are not cute anymore. Kill the animals? Sure! But just not when they are babies!

Want to stop this madness? Want to put an end to animal cruelty? Carol Baskin is not the answer and Joe Exotic is SO INCREDIBLY NOT THE ANSWER. And Tiger King is not the change-inspiring experience it had the potential to be. So maybe just watch it if you like seeing a metal hoop dangle from a man’s eye or want to know how many cages someone can fit in their back yard or want to know easy it is to declare yourself a zoo owner or want to know how many big cat owners sell condoms as their merch.

This has been sponsored by PETA.

-A Well-Mannered Grump

by: Coco Rich

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