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The Sock You Lost Just Found! … On a Cruise to Iceland?

They say two socks go in the dryer, and one comes out. But even local Varsity Football coach, Josh Nolenbeck, couldn’t have imagined where he would find his missing sock next. “I was getting my mail out of the mailbox like it was any other Tuesday when I noticed a postcard from a Norwegian Cruise Line to Iceland,” recalled Nolenbeck.


The postcard reads: “Dear Josh, had to dash. My partner and I are going through a rough patch and I needed to blow off some steam. – Left Sock.”


“It just made me think, maybe there is something I could have done,” Nolenbeck mused. “I mean I knew things were on the rocks, but I didn’t think either of them were considering leaving the country. It just goes to show you need to check in on those you care about.”


Right Sock notes, “Left Sock is always pulling this shit, but I find the alone time restorative, so no big deal.”


According to the Effoff Cruise Line’s website, Left Sock is set to dock over three months from today. The cruise will include three buffet-style meals a day, shuffleboard, and the crooning styles of a Frank Sinatra impersonator. Iceland is beautiful this time of year, so it really is worth the hassle if you are considering leaving everyone you know without a heads up.

By: Nikk Tetreault

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