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Passive Aggressive Mime Hasn’t Talked To Me In Days

Passive Aggressive Mime Hasn’t Talked To Me In Days

Passive Aggressive Mime Hasn’t Talked To Me In Days

My name is Ricky Biscuits and I’ve been dating a mime for the past year or so. Usually, we have such great communication, but recently they have been really hard to talk to.

Every now and then I get a gesture or wave out of them but for the most part, my significant other wants nothing to do with me. I’m guessing this has something to do with the way I threw our television set out the window in frustration after losing a simulated simulation against AIs. In my defense, being coped up for such a long time has been driving me insane.

I hate feeling like I’m stuck in a box. Of course, this language did not sit too well with the love of my life, Mike the Mime. Apparently comparing being required by the law to stay in your duplex with thousands of square feet is offensive to those who have actually been trapped in a box before. Apparently, I was being insensitive. Apparently.

I hope this domestic cold war comes to a close sooner rather than later. I’ll probably just go to them and apologize, drop the metaphorical rope if you will.

-A Well-Mannered Grump

by: Joe McNaney

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