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No One Has Heard of College That Cost You $200,000

No One Has Heard of College That Cost You $200,000

Allentown, PA

Winter break is over and hundreds of thousands of students are headed back to the hallowed halls of Blank College or The University of Whatever. Some of these students are nearing the end of their college career and ready to take on the real world. To those students, we say this…So you’ve completed 3 ½ years of undergrad and you think you’re a big shot now huh? Think again!

Sure you’ve earned a degree in XYZ, you’ve likely learned a good deal about 1 2 and 3 as well, however, soon you’ll face the stark realization that you paid $200,000 for a degree from, The University of Maryland University College, Lubbock Christian University, or the heart of Allentown Pennsylvania, Muhlenberg College.

Sorry kids, no one has heard of the college you spent a quarter of a million dollars on.

Now, one may ask themselves, what is a Muhlenberg? One would be correct in to utter such a question.

It’s an expensive book.

-A Well- Mannered Grump


The professors are good though.

No One Has Heard of College That Cost You $200,000

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