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Local woman: “I’m not one for gossip but I do like it”

Marcia Jones of Waterville, ME, bravely admitted to close friends and family that is not one for gossip…but she does like it. 


Looks like this local woman is staying above the fray! 


“I’m not like most people, if I hear gossip I am not going to spread it,” said Marcia. “But I am also not going to like…walk away from the conversation…and I may milk the rumor spreader of all the info they’ve got.” 


Marcia just goes to show us once again that good people really do exist.  


Marcia went on to explain that if she hears gossip about a good friend it upsets her, but she does love to hear it. 


“I hate when I hear people gossiping or talking badly about a friend behind her back…but I do appreciate hearing that some of my friends are doing worse than me. I am really not one for gossip…but I do like it.” 

By: Jesse Arnholz

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