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Lisle, IL

At the end of the school year last June, Lacy Webster asked her children what they wanted to do this summer. “Have fun!” they said. Webster laughed and said “Okay you silly geese, but HOW do you want to have fun?” “Sit inside and poke screens Mommy!” they responded.

And poke they did, all summer long. Webster attempted many times to get her children up off their butts but, in the words of Stacy Webster (12),” it’s harder to poke screens if i’m up off my butt. I would rather sit on my butt and poke a screen.”

We asked Lacy Webster why she thought her children were behaving this way. “I mean they’re definitely smarter than me when I was their age because they teach themselves crazy things on these devices everyday, so I guess it’s not the worst thing. The other day I came back from my Yoga class and they had designed an APP. Like the kind that goes on your phone. That can get you a job! A real job!” said Webster.

While her initial response seemed to defend her children’s behavior, when we prompted her to discuss any potential negatives of this behavior in young people she also had quite a bit to say. “I mean look, obviously I worry about it. Throughout all of history pretty much, children haven’t had the option to be absorbed by a lighted screen so of course I worry that we’ve all been doing it too much. I don’t want to sound like a crotchety old woman here but, isn’t there something pure and natural about kids getting dirty and running around?” stated Webster.

There’s only a few weeks left until summer comes to an end and Lacy Webster ships her children off to public school so the teachers have to deal with these sorts of things for half the day while she can finally go back to working full-time doing what she loves most… data analytics

Below is a projected family tree that shows what Stacy Webster’s (12) kids may look like.

Webster family tree

–  A Well-Mannered Grump

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