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I Ripped Out My Teeth To Pay Off Student Loans, And You Can Too



Millennials—the generation born between 1981 and 1996—are saddled with the most education-related debt in the country. I myself have debt from undergrad and have been struggling to keep above water. That is, until I discovered a payment strategy that works for me: I’m pulling my teeth and putting them under my pillow for some quick tax-free cash. 


This best-kept personal finance secret is one I wish I’d discovered sooner. I’m making small, manageable payments more often than ever and chipping away at student debt with the ferocity of 24-year-old woman with infected gums. Here’s the thing: you can do it too.


Follow these simple tips for a debt-repayment plan funded by the Tooth Fairy.

  1. About once a week, choose a tooth to remove. I often pick at random, but you can be strategic with your smile if you wish!
  2. Decide on a removal method. I love mixing it up, but some of my favorites are “Tie One End of Floss to the Tooth and the Other to a Closing Door,” “Tripping and Hitting My Mouth on the Kitchen Counter,” and “Good Ole Pliers.”
  3. Follow through! Tug that tooth out. Be prepared for a mess and have ice and ibuprofen on hand.
  4. Tuck the tooth under your pillow before bed. Send a prayer to the Tooth Fairy. Fall asleep.
  5. When you wake up, check under your pillow! You should find cash (only once have I received a check) in any amount from 25 cents to 5 dollars.
  6. Immediately use those new funds to pay off some of your student loans. I know it’s tempting to spend it right away on a new ice pack or veneers, but trust me: it’s worth it!


By: Zoe Zuidema

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