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Eagerly Awaiting the ‘Friends’ Reunion? Here Are Five Better Written TV Shows with More Than Zero Black Main Characters.

6 white actors drinking chilled milk trying a little too hard to look cute.

CNN recently put out a story titled “Eagerly awaiting the ‘Friends’ reunion? David Schwimmer has some good news.” Oh, goodie goodie goodie, amid the resurgence of a modern-day civil rights movement we get more “6 white people drinking coffee.”

Here are five better-written shows you can watch right now that have more than zero black main characters.



Available to watch on HBO Max, Watchmen tells the story of the Tulsa Massacre in an action-packed and informative nine-episode sci-fi adventure. If you are looking for overused sitcom troupes may want to look elsewhere.


Now into its third season on Showtime, The Chi is a beautiful glimpse into a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. For those who love to see nuance in world development and unexpected turns, The Chi is a must-watch. FYI, no main character named Joey, sorry.

Brooklyn 99

All seven seasons can be found on Hulu and an eighth will soon premiere on NBC. A diverse cast and the publicly made comment by show star, Terry Crews that the cast “had some somber talks and some really, really eye-opening conversation about how to handle this new season.” are reasons to watch this sitcom set in a police precinct.


Stream three seasons of Jordan Peele’s The Last O.G. on Follow the story of a recently released convict, played by Tracy Morgan, and his character’s transition into living in modern-day Brooklyn. Funnily enough, this show doesn’t make the claim that a waitress and an out of work chef can afford a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Manhattan because it was “rent-controlled.”

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

EASY! Make a reboot of The Fresh Prince before you bring back Friends. Why? The Fresh Prince is as silly and entertaining as it was real and not afraid to deal with tough topics like wealth distribution, racial inequality/inequity, and family. Also… IT IS ALREADY ON HBO MAX.

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