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Civics Class Kinda Awkward



Seventeen-year-old, Marrissa Jackson noticed something was off as she walked into her second-period civics class. It wasn’t the way the desks were tightly packed against one another during a global pandemic. It wasn’t the horrible odor that seemed to originate from behind the teacher’s desk. No, it was the fact that a group of teens from different socioeconomic, religious, and cultural backgrounds had to study the life of Roger Sherman and the other founding fathers as Black people continue to have their lives taken by members of the United States law enforcement.

“It seems kinda off that just days after Jacob Blake was shot seven times that we’re glorifying our country’s history instead of having an open discussion about the world we currently live in,” said Marrissa Jackson.

Mr. Johnathan West, civics teacher of just three years, generally considered to be of the more liberal-leaning teachers at the school commented on his apprehension to tackle these tough topics.

“It always turns into a screaming match. Maybe we get five minutes of productive conversation but, our youth mimic how they see thier elders behave. My students, much like our countries leaders, can’t listento the person sitting right next to them. Also, high school kids scare me.”

Just as tensions were building in Mr. West’s class the bell rang and Marrissa Jackson headed off to health class where today’s topic was contraception. It was non stop politics even if it wasn’t right in your face.


By: Joe McNaney

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