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“Chance the Snapper” Biopic Marks Final Nail in Quibi’s Coffin


Quibi ventures into the untouched mobile film industry, proving to be the “little engine that shouldn’t,” but does anyway.


Just over a year after the infamous “Chance the Snapper” alligator terrorized visitors of Chicago’s Humboldt Park, mobile-streaming company Quibi announced they’re producing a biopic based on what many considered to be a traumatic incident in Chicago’s history. This will be the company’s first venture into the mobile film industry which was a frontier left untouched for good reasons, many say, until now. “I’ve always felt that Quibi was a voice for the emerging short-attention spans of humans. I even dare say it’s quite discriminatory of these big studios to only produce 90-minute+ films. That’s not what past generations envisioned for us,” said Quibi CEO, Meg Whitman. Quibi, known for their short-form TV format (most shows clocking in between 7-10 minutes), is making no exceptions for this film as it will be broken into two ten-minute films.


However, the biggest buzz surrounding this film has to be Quibi’s ability to get academy-award nominee director Ava DuVernay (13th, Selma) to helm both filming and screenwriting duties for the project. When asked why she decided to take on the project, DuVernay replied with an email containing a picture of stacked bills in her name. Quibi CEO Whitman believes DuVernay’s association with the project will spark enough buzz to be a contender during the upcoming Oscars season. Whitman also mentioned that casting for the titular role of hero Florida Joe is looking to be played by none other than Saturday Night Live alumni Will Forte. When contacted about the possible role Forte responded “Wait, what’s all this about?” 


All this buzz, however, doesn’t come without its share of controversy. Most notably Quibi’s begging for the city of Chicago to allow the company to rent out the whole park where the event happened for a three-month shoot. If granted zoning rights to the park, Whitman said production can start as early as mid-August of this year, with the films slated for a spring & fall 2021 release, respectively.  Some citizens who live in the neighborhood, like David Valez, aren’t happy with the possibility. “This Quibi has major balls to think that they can just rent out Humboldt Park. Thousands of families live here!” When mentioned that the company just wanted to rent out the park named Humboldt Park (which shares the same name of the neighborhood it’s located in), Valez replied “Oh, I see. Yeah, I don’t really care.” Forte, when given a follow up on the length of time the company wants to shoot for, responded “Ah geez, I don’t know if I can get the ‘OK’ from my wife on that.


By: Cameron Hubbard

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