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BREAKING - All News Breaking News and All News Obsolete Seconds After Being Broken

BREAKING: All News Breaking News and All News Obsolete Seconds After Being Broken

BREAKING - All News Breaking News and All News Obsolete Seconds After Being Broken

Hot off the presses, folks! Breaking News! Read all about it! Oh, never mind that previously hot news is now cold now that it has been broken, no need to read all about anything!

I remember sitting in Mrs. X’s public speaking class my Senior year of High School when one of my classmates got a notification informing them that there had been a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, which was no more than an hour to the south. This event was heartbreaking and tragic. The community still feels the effect of this disaster. How could they not? In my memory, this was the biggest piece of news to be broken with the exception of 9/11 which I do not remember very clearly as I was in the first grade.

By the end of 2019, there were 417 mass shootings in the U.S. Sure, the scale of most of these shootings may be smaller, or there may have been fewer casualties than there were at Sandy Hook, but there was a time where one mass shooting would rock the world for weeks at a time. Now, with such over saturation of news from biased and untrusted sources, it seems these events don’t carry the same weight they once did. This is a true shame.

Is news just something for us to be entertained by now? Is news just the sharing of topics for the individual to take a side on to feel like they matter?

Here are a few things that seem to me to have been rendered insignificant after they have served their purpose as energy-consuming fluff.

In 2019:

The government shut down.

Brett Kavanaugh stood trial for sexual assault for days on national television. He is now a supreme court justice.

Category 5 Hurricane Dorian annihilated much of central America. I had to look up the name of the hurricane because I had forgotten it happened.

A virus that brought on a global pandemic made its way across the globe. How long will it take before we forget this ever happened? When the next Bachelorette is announced?

-A Well-Mannered Grump

by: Joe McNaney

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