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Big Day Fishing - Peter CottonTale Must Have Had a Catchy Hook

Big Day Fishing: Peter CottonTale Must Have Had a ‘Catchy Hook’

Big Day Fishing - Peter CottonTale Must Have Had a Catchy Hook
Peter CottonTale, showing off his prize.

This past Friday, Chicago based record producer and recording artist, Peter CottonTale was spotted on Lake Michigan with a fishing pole in hand. CottonTale came away with quite the prize as he scored a 16-inch largemouth bass. Wow, he must have had a ‘catchy hook.’

A few boaters initially sighted CottonTale on a small powerboat blasting some music. After further investigation, we discovered he was listening to his recently released new age album “Catch” and yes there were quite a few hooks.

The album is a 17 song 50-minute journey with features for names like Tobi Lou, Jamila Woods, Rex Orange County, Daniel Cesar, and of course CottonTale’s long time music partner, Chance the Rapper.

But back to bass. Bass the fish, not the instrument.

Oh geez, I don’t know how much more music to fish wordplay jokes I can muster up. You make something up, go ahead, take the bait.

-A Well-Mannered Grump

by: Joe McNaney

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