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Well-Mannered Grump is your go to social satire site for the twenty something cynic. We hate that water gets all over the bathroom floor every time you use the shower because the shower curtain is hung up by two rings too! We know it’s 11:28 am on a Wednesday. We know your boss doesn’t care! We know that, because you were fired last week!

WMG stemmed from a job search that went on too long. Turns out some people just aren’t huge fans of the sit-at-a-cubicle for three years doing the same thing everyday only to be promoted to another job you don’t want to be doing. Now don’t get us wrong we need money and jobs too, but we figured while we are succumbing to the man we might as well give it our best to branch out and do what we love. Not that love exists, am I right, am I right? Maybe that’s just the grump in us speaking.

Well- Mannered Grump is about being sociable in our skepticism. Life is a puzzle with missing pieces, help us solve the puzzle! Firm handshake.
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