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8 of 9 Experts Agree that 1 of 9 Experts are Wrong

8 of 9 Experts Agree that 1 of 9 Experts are Wrong

A recent poll out of the University of Numbers found 8 out of 9 experts agree that 1 out of 9 experts is wrong.

Now, let’s break this down by the numbers, shall we?

Expert one agrees with expert two, who also sides with experts 4 and 6, whose opinion aligns directly with experts 8 and 2, who just so happens to concur with expert number 5 whose stance on the matter is identical to that of expert number 7. The theory being agreed upon is that, of course, that expert number 9 is wrong. This, a theory, of course, that expert number 9 contradicts wholeheartedly.

Before counting expert number 9 out merely because of the numbers stacked against them, first consider expert number 9’s point of view. Expert number 9 differs from the other 8 experts for one seemingly sound point, “All 9 experts are, in fact, theorizing about something nonexistent. The experts are merely agreeing for the sake of agreeing, to generate a clickbait worthy headline.”

Experts 1-8 of course, disagree. The majority of experts (experts 1-8) might retort expert 9 idea with a claim explaining how now, after expert 9 went on and argued that there was no substance to their initial theory proved that very theory correct.

Expert 9 thinks otherwise.

You see, expert 9 heard what the other experts were saying, however, they felt the need to point out the fact that their proposed reason for their initial theory being correct relied heavily on a series of events that took place after the initial claim was made, thus rendering the theory null, proving that expert 9 was not wrong for, expert number 9 could also not be right.

This could go on for a while but 9 out of 9 experts were okay with leaving it at that and moving on with their day.

-A Well-Mannered Grump

8 of 9 Experts Agree that 1 of 9 Experts are Wrong

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